Ironman Texas 2016

I raced Ironman Texas this past Saturday with the hopes of a top five finish.  Unfortunately things did not go as planned. I could get into the details of what went wrong, but I’ll spare you the minutia.  What I will say is that I made some mistakes leading up to the race (we all know how important getting the taper just right is!!) and unfortunately my body wasn’t ready to race against some of the best in the world.  One of the things that I really love about racing the Ironman distance is the uncertainty of the outcome.  There are so many pieces to the equation and so many variables that you have to get right in order to perform at your best.  Ironman Texas offered up a lot of challenges this year including a revised bike course with 90 turns in 95 miles, 90 degree temperatures with high humidity, and crazy thunderstorms and rain later in the day.  Congratulations to all the finishers who truly weathered the storm and special congrats to my fellow Maverick Multisports team member Jessica Jones Meyers on an amazing 7th place finish.  Also thank you to my amazing sponsors! Here are a few pictures of me on before the wheels fell off.

At our homestay the day before the race – Thank you Eve, Bob and Sandra for being such wonderful hosts!