Ironman 70.3 Cozumel 2016

The lead up to this race was less than ideal for me for many reasons but I managed to get myself to the start line feeling very fit and ready for a strong effort.

Swim 21:34  20th out of the water

The gun went off and and mayhem ensued. The crystal clear blue water turned white as wecozumel-swim kicked  and thrashed violently, most hoping to find our way into a group swimming just a bit faster. As the groups thinned out I manage to find some feet and rode the current in to the finish with a surprisingly fast time.

Bike 2:06:48   12th off the bike

I’m not going to get into the nonsense that was going on around me on the bike other than to say not all the pro men were drafting just a large percentage who were around me and for those who chose to ride with integrity I applaud you and your performances! I had some issues in T1 that caused me to lose some time. Once on my bike I realized my bike computer wasn’t working which wasn’t really a shock at this point.  I shifted my focus onto putting power into the pedals. I felt strong and in control for most of the ride and I was pushing very hard, trying to put myself into a position to where I could compete for a top 5 finish. The temperature was steadily rising and as the bike finish drew near I tried to prepare myself for what I know Cozumel can offer up on the run!cozumelbike

Run  1:30:45  10th place finish overall-4:03:26

All I can say about the run is HOT! Maybe the hottest run I have experienced and with the giant effort on the bike written all over my body it really was more about getting fluid in and trying to keep my core temperature down rather than hitting a given pace or even running hard. Not the result I was hoping for but that’s how it goes some times!cozumel-run

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