Ironman Texas 70.3 2016

With training for IM Texas in full swing I set off for 70.3 Texas last week to test out my legs and see where my fitness really was. Prep for the race went well and I made it to the start line feeling calm and ready.

Swim-25:37-28th out of the water

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The cannon went off and the large contingent of 48 male pros made for a violent first 500 meters. I felt good and was under control early in the swim. I found myself in good position near the front when my arms(biceps) started to feel really sore. I begain to slow and out the back of the front group I went. I think the soreness came from not swimming in my wetsuit enough in the lead up to the race(honestly not at all). I settled into my familiar, comfortable position in the second pack. Out of the water in 28th and on to my beautiful new bike, it was time for some pain!

Bike-2:08:26-18th off the bike

12983250_1248175268530116_607013766120592354_oRight out of the gate it was clear that pacing would not be a part of this ride. I was off the back of a group of 6 or 7 guys who were pushing hard to make up the time they lost in the swim. The crazy tempo was made worse by Lionel Sanders rolling through about 25 minutes into the ride. With pride on the line and egos at stake we poured even more gas on the already out of control fire, now the pain train was really rolling. One by one the guys in the group began to fall off and I watched Lionel ride of into the sunset(actually the sunrise). At the half way point I wasn’t surprised to see that I had averaged around 25 more watts then I had planned for the first hour. Now, damage control! The cross winds were strong all day and a tail wind never materalized(really it all felt like a headwind). I rode solo back to transisiton nursing somewhat sore quads and focusing on hydration/nutrition. I managed to ride pretty well the second hour and got to T2 feeling “not that bad”. (70.3’s sure are alot easier than Ironmans)

Run-1:20:00-16th(1 seceond faster would have been nice)

12973298_1248175321863444_4358534570423095499_o-1-1It took a few miles to shake the bike effort out of my legs but eventually I settled into a not so comfortable pace(around 6 min/mile). The 3 loop run course had a maze like quality with hundreds of turns. The intensity was higher then I am used to since last year I only raced full Ironmans, but the finish line seemed to come so quickly! I was hoping to run a bit faster(my goal was 1:17), but considering the bike effort I feel like I made good use of what fitness/energy I had left. It was not the result I was hoping for (goal was top 5), but it was a really honest hard effort, I learned some things and I had a ton of fun racing!

Finish-3:56:35-16th Overall (PR for the 70.3 distance)

Now a little rest. Then back to work! IM Texas is just over a month away!!

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