Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphone Review

IMG_5852Being a professional triathlete means many hours working away on treadmills, indoor bike trainers, and lifting weights at the gym.  These workouts pretty much require music, lots of music.
Here are some of the features and the first impressions I had when using the new Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones:
Obviously there is no wire pulling on the headphones, getting tangled up, or being in the way during workouts! Not having to pass a wire down my shirt was kind of amazing!
The best feature by far is that these headphones give you the ability to change tracks, adjust volume, or answer your phone without having to get your phone out and manually do these things.


Ear Tips: These earbuds come with two types of ear tips – one made of silicone and one of Comply memory foam. They both come in small, medium, and large sizes.  It is nice to have these choices and different sizes.  I found the small size memory foam ear tips to be comfortable and they gripped my ear the best.
Ear Fins: Also included are three sets of ear fins (small, medium and large). These ear fins hook into the ear and seem to do a good job of keeping the ear bud in place.
Charging: It took around 2 hours to charge the head phones. Charging is easy!  The charging port is located under one of the flip top earbud caps and charges up with Micro USB cable that is included.  The company claims that the battery life is 8 hours.
In-between-Earbud Wire Clips: These are a nice feature that allow you to customize the length of the wire that attaches the two ear buds. For me, I found that I like to shorten the wire in between earbuds, and this was easy to achieve with the clips.
Pairing: The process is pretty simple.  All you have to do it hold down a button on the controls for 8 seconds.  Then click on your phone Bluetooth settings.  Turn on Bluetooth and you should see Jaybird as a device.  After clicking on the Jaybird device the two are paired and you are ready to go!
Connection: I have heard that bluetooth-connected headphones sometimes have issues with loosing connection if the headphone is not near the device. I have not noticed this, even when placing my device in my shorts pocket or while outside.
Sound quality: I was a little worried that wireless headphone may not have great sound quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. The sound is amazing and has great range, with plenty of base!  Definitely the best sounding headphones I have owned!