It’s okay to be ENVEious …


If you haven’t checked out ENVE’s newest edition to their collection of ultra-fast TT/Triathlon wheels here’s what you’ve been missing out on:

  • Made in the USA!  Each pair is handmade in Ogden, Utah from 100% raw, uni-directional carbon.


  • Faster! Many things come together in this wheel set to make them quite possibly the fastest wheels ever made. ENVE teamed up with aero guru Simon Smart to develop their new SES wheels.  The 7.8s feature asymmetric rim geometry with the front rim that is 71mm deep and 29mm wide while the rear rim is 80mm deep and 27.5mm wide. The wider rim width allows you to ride a wider tire (25mm) which has been proven to lower rolling resistance as well as improve shock-absorption and therefore comfort on bumpy road surfaces. The new SES series of wheels offer tubless-compatible clinchers which means you can run a normal tire and tube or a tubless tire (no innertube). I just recently got my hands on Vitorria’s newest tire ( – the Corsa Speed Open TLR – which is a tubless tire that when paired with my ENVE 7.8s saves me about 9watts in rolling resistance over Vittoria’s Corsa Competition. They also offer a substantial reduction in weight and for me the bike PRs just keep coming! PS: Vittoria’s Corsa Speed Open TLR tires were recently independently tested for rolling resistance and came in at a staggering 7.7 watts per wheel (possibly the lowest rolling resistance numbers ever seen).


  • More stable! With a front wheel that is slightly shallower than the rear, I have found these to be the most stable wheels I have ever ridden in strong cross winds.  Worrying about the wind and which wheels to use for me is now a thing of the past.
  • Better brake surface!  The new SES series features moulded-in carbon brake track texture, which improves stopping by as much as 30% and performs equally well in wet conditions. Although it sounds a little like an airplane landing (sort of awesome, actually) when applying the brakes, it is nice to know you can stop as fast as you need to.  Also, the best braking I have ever experienced on a pair of race wheels.


  • Lighter! The ENVE 7.8s weigh in at 100 to 400 grams lighter than a set of Zipp NSW 808 wheels, depending on whether you choose tubulars or the new tubeless-compatible clincher and which hub option you go with. These are not the lightest wheel set you can buy but they are definitely in the ball-park.

When you look at the big picture (aerodynamics, weight, tire width, tubeless option, braking, and stability) ENVE may have created the perfect wheel set for triathlon. Please don’t be too envious!