Xiamen 70.3






Swim-21:26 7th out of the water I think(tracking didn’t work at this race)

I started off a little timid and slow after taking a REALLY bad beating at the beginning of IM Louisville a few weeks ago but after the I made my exit out of the back the front group of swimmers I settled into a comfortable rhythm and enjoyed the rest of what was a fast swim(wetsuit and current assisted). I exited the water around 2 mins behind the leaders but calm and confident that I would see them soon.






Bike-2:07:15  4th off the bike 

The bike course was mostly flat with perfect pavement. The temperature was in the 70’s and it was quite windy.

I was confident in my fitness coming into this race and I decided

that I would ride quite hard from the start until I made my way to the front of the race.

 I managed to get there around 30 minutes in and then the plan was to conserve energy for the run. It turns out that was the plan for the other 


guys at the front so lets just say no one was really interested in riding hard from that point on. This was strange for me because I have never been at the front of a race before and I like to “ride hard”, but that’s what we did with the exception of 1 short hard push as a very strong German cyclist came roaring by around halfway through the ride. I was content to let him go knowing that I would run significantly faster than him. It was strange to get to the end of a 70.3 bike and feel as fresh as I did but it was a good strange not a bad one.







I have been running better than I ever have in training and was ready to show it off at this race. Unfortunately my transitions were more of the Ironman variety, while the other two guys I came off the bike with were more in line with what you would see at an ITU race. So some precious time was lost before the run even started. On to the run the wind was really picking up and the temperature was now in the upper 70’s with high humidity. The first 5k I felt really good and after that my pace began to slow slightly from 5:50 to around 6:05 per mile. I could see the two guys just up ahead but wasn’t able to reel them in. Around the halfway point I passed the big German who seemed to be suffering quite a bit. By this time my stomach was starting to feel not so good. I didn’t drink much water and took no more calories from there to the finish. Ultimately I would finish 1 minute and 30 seceonds behind 1st and 1 minute 15 seconds behind 2nd.





Finish-3:55:00 3rd place Overall

Champagne showers are the best! Stay tuned IM Arizona is this coming Sunday and that is what I really have been training for!


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